About Me

If you’ve ever felt you aren’t good enough, that you mess up too often to be worth much, then you have come to the right place. 

Welcome!…you are among friends!

In 2009 I made a decision to reject my place at university and become a Missionary. I did this because I truly believe God asked me too. I’ve been working the The Philippines for 7 years, Married my wonderful Husband Gibs in 2015, and together we started a small initiative called ‘A Promise of Hope’. With this we aim to impact the lives of street children, struggling families and anyone who feels that there is nothing to Hope for. 

People seem too have a notion that to do these things I must be pretty Together, have the scriptures memorised word for word and live what would be considered a Very ‘straight edge’ life. 

However, pretty much the opposite is true, I’m stumbling my way though, messing up Big time all the time, I’ve taken risks I shouldn’t have taken, I enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage  and have been known to curse quite profusely when prokoved! 

So this blog is a collection of stories past & present, of mistakes, failures and successes, in the hope that they will encourage you YES…YOU! that you don’t have to be a genius or hero to make a difference & that even when it all goes wrong…that’s okay too! 

So jump in and Join me on my haphazard adventures of stepping out in faith, 

you can find us on Facebook ‘A Promise of Hope Philippines’ or find my on twitter @MichelleRoddy

Michelle x


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