FAQs on whether or not I’m Barmy

When people find out that at 18 years old I chose to decline an offer to study at the University of Chester, to travel to the Philippines and live my life to serve people there, the most frequently ask question is ‘Are you mad?’ Second is ‘Why would you do that?’

Well okay I’ll admit, its not really the norm, but I did it because I fully believed and still do that it was my purpose. When I was 13 Years old A missionary visited my church. I listened her speak about what she does and I knew in that moment thats what I needed to do with my life. That was what I was made for! So at 18 once I’d finished my A-levels I went and I spent almost 2 years working with the same missionary I met at 13 in her Children’s home The Philippine Outreach Centre.

This is me in my first week in Philippines with a new arrival to the Centre. I was much Thinner then!

Since then I’ve gone on to set up my own initiative in Manila A Promise Of Hope. Where we do our best to work with families in the slums of the city to love families in need. We hold regular kids clubs where we provide food for Street Children.

People often also ask Do you get paid for it?  When I tell them ‘no I do notthey ask ‘Aren’t you worried about money?’  Of course I wouldn’t be human If I didn’t worry, but in the last 7 years, I have never been short, I have always had food and shelter. Sometimes it’s come from places I’d never expect, other times we have just scraped by. (I will share many of these stories in future post). For the most part I have been self funded, I have come back to the UK too work and save and then returned to Manila. The one thing I will say is that since making the decision to do what I felt called to do, it’s been tough but God has never let me down, and has always provided.

Going back to the title question?…Am I Barmy? Probably a little, but not because of the life choice I’ve made. In this blog I will be sharing my stories, the good and bad, mistakes, failures and successes. In hope that I might inspire some people who feel inadequate to step out and make a difference.


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