Feeling Forgotten

We all go through periods where things seem hopeless. Over the last 12 months since we arrived in the UK I began to feel increasingly as if God had simply forgotten about me. Having gone out to Manila the last time just after losing our home Church in the UK and having no time to fully feel part of another, we arrived in England a bit apprehensive about exactly where we belonged. 

Slowly over the past year all but £10 of our ministry financial support disappeared. We prayed earnestly for more to come but it didn’t seem to happen. We also knew that if we were to really make a diffence in Manila, grow our business and be generally more fruitful in helping people, we were going to need a vehicle. After Gibs returned To the Philippines the time seemed to drag on and our prayers still weren’t being answered. Time and time again God seemed to say ‘just wait, everything you have asked for is coming, just be still’.

This frustrated me, I began to get angry with God I asked ‘are you just saying you’ll provide in time, just to shut me up? Do actually plan to do any of the things you’ve promised?!’ This was not a great attitude! However it is a fairly normal human response and I can see now that God has continued to love me through it.
Gibs continued to look at vehicles within our budget, but was consistently dismayed by the state of the things he was being offered. cars with holes in the bottom, vans that didn’t lock. I had the money put aside to buy them…but they just weren’t right! 

One day last month I  was telling some wonderful friends of mine (who’s adventures you can read about at Four for the Road) about my predicament. They told me the story of their miracle car and declared in prayer that we’d find ours very soon too.

Then last week out of the blue Gibs sent me several pictures of a large 7 seater car, he had text the seller enquire and arranged to meet up to view…when he arrived at the meeting place he was surprised to be greeted by an old friend from the same village as him! He was offered a sizeable ‘mates rates’ discount and the car was much much better than any he’d viewed previously! I couldn’t believe it, I knew instantly that that was the one we’d been waiting for, the money was wired and the deal done! Within 48 hours the car was his! 

A few days later, we had the offer of half the support we would need to return to ministering in Manila and my flight costs (more on this in upcoming posts). So here I am humbly admitting, that despite my toddler like tantrums…God had never forgotten about me, he always planned to give me the things I needed! I have learnt much, made incredible friends and developed a deeper faith, while I’ve been waiting. It is often in these times that God is refining us, it’s often not comfortable or easy but it’s always worth it. 

We will be looking to do some fundraisers soon! We’d love to here if any one has some ideas! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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